Laugh with me because perfect parents don't exist.

What’s Beyond Space?

It’s my fault that my younger son always gets sleepy in the car. I trained him to do that because I drove them around until they napped. I needed every coping mechanism I could use

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Grocery Store Rules

The produce section of the grocery store used to give me nightmares. I rushed through it like an octopus. I grabbed vegetables while swatting Tommy’s hands away from plucking that one apple that might topple

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Crying Wolf

A howl rang out through the store. But, that sound wasn’t from a wolf, it emerged from my young son. He was face down on the floor of K-mart with his arms and legs flung

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Compliments from a Teenage Girl

My hairdresser made me do it. Not really, but it all began when I had my hair lightened quite a bit more than usual. We were invited to a friend’s house to pass out Halloween

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Kay wearing sunglasses looking cool

Grownup Growing Up

When I said I love you, my daughter replied, “Yeah, and I have a yellow car.” She said this at age 3, yet it was still a typical response throughout most of her childhood. My

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